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For your JE-related thirst of knowledge!

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Welcome to JE QUESTION, a place for all your questions about Johnny's Entertainment! If you have something you want to know about JE or Johnny's idols, feel free to ask, and the other members will help you solve your doubt! ^___^

☆★The JE-related lj communities directory!★☆

Allowed questions:
Any question about a particular unit-idol, such as if they're still active, what they have released, what shows they have starred in, etc. You can also ask about some particular incident, episode or rumour. Questions about JE in general are also ok. Any curiosity you might have is welcome! Even "newbie"'s questions are ok because we all have to learn somewhere ^__^
Non allowed questions:
Media files requests (mp3 / videos / scans are not allowed, nor questions of the kind "Where can I find (...) for download?"
Questions about the users' personal tastes (e.g. "What is your favourite unit?" or "What do you think of the latest release by...?") should be avoided.
Moreover, sales post are not allowed.
This kind of posts will be deleted without prior notice.
Direct advertising for a community is not allowed, but if you want to add your community (or a comm you like) on the JE-related lj communities directory, please comment on the directory post and it will be added (with the exception of pairings and claim communities).
General rules:
.Be active! If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask. If you know an answer, please share it with us.
.Both when posting and when answering, please use standard English only, avoiding strange typing, as not everyone might understand it.
.I will tag your posts after you've posted them for easier reference.
.Before posting a question, check if the same question has already been answered by clicking on the relevant tag in the tags list.
.When answering, please be as precise as possible, and if you have sources link to them. If you're referring a rumour, you should state it clearly.
.FLAMES ARE NOT WELCOME AT ALL. Be polite and don't insult the other users or the idols.

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